acme installer hp touchpad

GApps addendum : Note that some users have reported that acmeinstaller2 doesnt automatically install gApps, but you can use adam of the road ebook ClockworkMod to install the gApps zip following the steps outlined in part 11 for applying the charging fix.
If youre using Windows, you may need to eject your TouchPad from your PC before continuing.
Visit the, java download page from your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer and download and install the latest version.Then copy these files from your PC to that new folder: Do not unzip any of these files first.Bonus round : You can open the gApps zip file and remove the apk installers for any apps you dont want to install.Connect your HP TouchPad to your computer and enable USB mass storage mode Use the USB cable that came with your tablet to connect it to.But, and its a big but, youll run into trouble if you do this without wiping your data first.Youll find the latest links for most of these files at the CyanogenMod Wiki, but heres a list of what you need: acmeinstaller3, a CyanogenMod 9 Nightly build or a CyanogenMod 10 build (from one of the update links at the top of this article).Place acmeinstaller in the same directory as your Novacom files If, like me, Novacom is in your c:Program FilesPalm, Inc directory, just copy acmeinstaller to that directory.Run acmeinstaller2 This should install CM9 without erasing your preferences.Theyre supposed to be zip files.
If you havent already bought a TouchPad and are considering taking advantage of the low prices on a used one, make sure and read the caveats.
If fedora install gcc without internet you have previously flashed custom ROMs on an Android phone or tablet, most of the process except fl studio 11 reference manual for the initial steps will be familiar to you.
But these are the steps you would use to install any additional packages (including gApps or future CM9 updates) using ClockworkMod Recovery.You can follow us on, twitter or join our, facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web.Like this post on Facebook.Is Android right for you?So make sure to upgrade to version.The tool is called, aCME Installer a C yanogen.