age of empire 2 cheats

Repeat this process ten times to get the "Builder And Destroyer" achievement.
Defender of the Chinese: Master of both the Chu Ko Nu crossbows and tales from the arabian nights ebook advanced learning, you have led the Chinese to victory fifty times.Today you know how that feels.Foe of the Goths: Through your various skills you have defeated the Goths in battle.Fifty Victories: You have been victorious in fifty battles - you are a seasoned veteran and a worthy opponent!Foe of the Mongols: Through your various skills you have defeated the Mongols in battle.Sadly, not every battle can be a sweeping victory where everyone returns to the feast table to boast of their skill.Conqueror of the Chinese: You have now defeated the Chinese one hundred times in battle!Legend among the Mayans: One thousand victories commanding the Mayans!Gathering Speed: Now that you have played twenty games at turbo you probably have a feel for the pace and challenges.Legend among the Persians: One thousand victories commanding the Persians!
Make a toast to those who have defeated you as honorable teachers, make fifa 13 keygen fifa 13 crack a toast to those foes you have defeated, and most of all a toast to your friends and allies who have supported you in your many campaigns.
Champion of the Turks: You have led the Turks to victory ten times.
Congratulations to you, Lightning General!
Legend among the Byzantines: One thousand victories commanding the Byzantines!
The Most Valuable Player in an Age of Kings battle has the highest total buildings razed and enemy units killed on the team.
Wololo - Enemy Unit Converted: Civilizations can be conquered with ideas as surely as with armaments.Cheat Codes, while playing the game, press Enter to display the chat window and type one of following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.After ten Defend the Wonder battles you have certainly seen both.Power of Persuasion: Every successful conversion is doubly beneficial to your team - you remove an enemy attacker and increase your own forces.Any Opponent: You have defeated random opponents twenty five times.Let the town bell ring and the villagers rest from their labors that they may toast your good health and leadership.Champion of the Teutons: You have led the Teutons to victory ten times.Champion of the Britons: You have led the Britons to victory ten times.Champion of the Japanese: You have led the Japanese to victory ten times.Time to Stop Counting Buildings: Sure, generals say that every unit lost is mourned and every building razed is avenged - but after fifty thousand even the most obsessive counter gives.Foe of the Vikings: Through your various skills you have defeated the Vikings in battle.