can you 3ds games on r4 card

Their are many cheaty na metin2 cz numbers of DS games and many wonderful ds games.
It is called the crown3ds.
Pokemon X,MH4,Super Smash e all 3DS games.For compatibility with previous versions, Nintendo let you play the DS games on 3DS console too.SKY3DS, sKY3DS works on all 3DS(XL 2DS/NEW 3DS/NEW 2DS XL support 3DS roms.When will be the 3DS card on sale?Next ยป items: 1020, recommended.Zip and then the.exe file needs to be extracted from the archive of the zip on any folder found on the computer.So the r4 cards support the DS games directly.It's the first flashcart that can play 3DS Games(roms) directly on 3DS.x.x.For the Newbie, r4 card is the first 3ds and ds console flashcart.But these have limited support for newer game for the 3DS.Select to compare, blue 3DS Flashcart(BlueCard).
Long time ago their are no 3DS console.
Nintendo 3DS Rom torrent romset.
So all the games are DS games.
Fee Nintendo 3DS 3D game downloads for R4-3DS Flash Cards and Emulators.
Next, we will dump more 3DS rom games, and will do further firmware testing and keep structure design updated for more high compatibility and stability.
Out of stock, add to cart, view.Buy Nintendo R4 3DS ROM backup cartridge the first emulators for the 3DS have excellent compatibility with that of the older titles of the DS as well as the DSi.Does R4 Card can play 3DS Games?Many thanks to all of our developing guys, it couldn't make without their several months hardwork.0.00, out of stock, add to cart, view.3DS games has the lable 3DS on the retail game card.Or how to use the R4 card to play 3ds games.Accoding to the feature list, the blue card acts very like Gateway, support NEW 3DS/3DS/2DS lower than.3, emunand, dump sysnand function, 3ds/3dz.