dd-wrt x86 activation key

While you are on the DD-WRT website, visit the online store and purchase an activation key for the gateworks firmware.
For flashing this device the first time you need to gibbed save editor revision 155 change the first 4 bytes of the mini_wrt54g image to read W54A (usually this is W54G).All that remains is to register the board using the web based registration server at DD-WRT.The eth0 port is the one closest to the power connector on the GW2348.Select the local area connection item that corresponds to the ethernet adapter you connected to the GW2348.Tftp to upload firmware, disable your software firewall first.
Nvram set boardnum2 nvram commit Click "Run" button and then Save Startup" button.
In case you have multiple network interfaces and are unable to find you router, disable all but the one that is connected to your router.
Click upgrade and then hit the reset button on your router.
Plug power back.
You can now power down the board and install up to 4 mini-pci radio cards and start to have fun.
Brick recovery can involve shorting pins.
At this point you may have temporary problems using Web Interface, so just ping your router.Power LED will work and connected WAN LED will blink green.For V23 SP2 : Please do a hard reset: While holding down the reset button, plug in the power cord.If it responds, continue to step.For subsequent upgrades/downgrades of DD-WRT, use the web interface of DD-WRT.Program from 0x x01520000 at 0x50280000.What is important is that you configure it with the following settings: Speed: 115200 Baud Parity: None Data Bits: 8 Stop Bits: 1 Flow Control: None You will also need to download a copy of the firmware from the DD-WRT Downloads section of the website.Mode: octet Verbose: on Tracing: off Rexmt-interval: 5 seconds, Max-timeout: 25 seconds tftp timeout 60 Type the following but don't hit enter yet.You should get a page that looks a lot like the one shown below: If you have gotten this far successfully you have done the hard part.should reboot again.Check the Status should now display the unit as a "Linksys WAP54G.x" Configure as you would any other router.You will have to set a static.Except don't include the nvram variable for WAPver3.I used linux tftp.