fedora install gcc without internet

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Re: Installing G on ubuntu without internet connection.
Results 1 to 3.Make sure the CD is enabled in Software Sources, then use the usual methods to install the meta package.I want to compile my C application.I know I ashampoo firewall 1.20 serial can install these packages with yum but without Internet access the command is useless.Adv Reply, june 20th, 2010 #3, re: Installing G on ubuntu without internet connection.This question and also this question is very similar to mine, in which the askers found working wlan drivers but had trouble installing them.Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike.0 International License.Tango Icons Tango Desktop Project.I need to install git on a CentOS.6 64-bit system, but I do not have an internet connection, so I can't simply download it through yum.
June 19th, 2010 #1, installing G on ubuntu without internet connection.
All the files say the same thing.
The problem: I'm trying to set up a machine to do some development and coding on, but found out (after installing Fedora 17) that the CD ISO install doesn't include gcc or other development tools.
How can I gain access to them?#There are a bunch more files, but a 30k character limit on these posts.The Requst for help:.I gave up after a few hours of trying to navigate these lists of dependencies.What all do I need?