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Step 1-Insert Dvd1 wich is 2gb plus, open nyrr nyc half marathon 2013 lottery d dvd copy windows server 2008 r2 trial cd key folder fifa2013 nd paste 2 ur laptop.
U cn call Like.
Dll nd past to game te if asked 2 copy nd replace, copy nd replace.Lik magic d game will open nd play.Was havin same prblm its took mi 2days 2 mak it work just follow steps below.Sorry 4 replyin late just saw dis post.Step3 Open fifa2013 folder on ur laptop double click on d OriginSetup.Afta removin d dvd check if ur fifa2013 folder on ur laptop.05gb.Exe nd ep5 go2 crack folder copy diz 2files fifa13.exe nd rldea.Step4 open installer folder, open directx folder, open redist folder go2 d setup wich is dxsetup.Lastly open dat fifa13.exe u copied 2 game folder.Step2 insert dvd2 wich is 3gb plus, open d dvd2,open folder fifa2013 in dvd2 highlyt all d files in dat folder, copy all of d files 2 game folder on d fifa2013 on ur laptop wich u 1st copied 4rm dvd1.Dvd1 wich is 2gb plus, open d dvd copy folder fifa2013.
Step5 go2 crack folder copy diz 2files fifa13.exe nd rldea.
Dll nd past to game folder.
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