file server migration wizard access denied

I tried to rename the source server to the original name (as DFS consolidation wizard has you name to file_server-ret or the like) but it wouldnt let me soi had to remove him from the domain and the rejoin.
I have used this tool before and don't recall having to do any special setup for it to work.And aside that it seems that in 2003 the home folder was set as having "Full Access" to the individual user and this hasn't been applied either so I would assume this is the cause of the denial messages.I had the exact scenario earlier this year.I created a new migration project and I am trying to add a source server.If you are running a 64-bit system you might also need to check for.DLLs and.EXE files in windirsysWOW64wbem.
I used the KB article here m/en-us/kb/125996 to perform my share arctic monkeys itunes festival 2011 export).
For this post, I will refer to the old 2003 File Server as FS1 and the new 2008 File Server as FS2.
However after it ran for half a day the copying was complete.
I'm hoping I won't have to sit and wait for another whole day and evening to copy 2TB of data over :-/.
Users have a login script that points them to a UNC share on this server and it showed up but with no status bar counter strike 1.6 single player mode below it ( showing how much space is left and what not this was not visable andonce again they hemlock grove season 1 episode 6 cannot get.When I ran the tool it went correct I set up the DFS wizarrd with the root on my target server after which i wasnt aware that if we didnt do any naming in the tool we would get the servershare_old_server_name.This is a VM and i ran 2 full veeam backups prior to the fsmt - I am hoping that the restore will get me back tot he point that they can work tomorrow AM if not wwhat do i need to do to recover.3- We had a tokenfilter key to the registry on the 2003 box.Comparing between 20, robocopy doesn't seem to have copied over "creator owner "system or "network service" security groups to the new folders?The only share I see is in the File Server Migration Tool.I bounced both servers thinking a refresh might be needed as there is sometign that needed to run.You might need to re-register all the.DLL and.EXE files in this directory.Failing to do so will result in the share information not matching and your migration fail.This is a very critical file server and i am hoping that my full server backup will solve this - i am ok with reverting to try again next weekend but is this going to be enough to recover.I would like to share the Robocopy command I used to migrate my file server to a new Server 2012.When i tested with the old server off same they could not browse ot to the location.Hey I am trying to run the MS Server Migration toolkit program and I am getting an error message when I try and connect to my 2003 R2 Server.