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About This Statistic, the statistic shows the gross domestic product (GDP) in Canada from 2012 to 2016, with projections up until 2022.
During the financial crisis in 2008, Canada's inflation rate amounted to around.4 percent.
As of 2015, Canada has a total GDP of, uSD.55 trillion, 1 ranking 11th worldwide.Government of Canada redistributes some of its revenues through unconditional equalization payments and finances the delivery of comparable levels of government services through the."Table Gross domestic product, expenditure-based, provincial and territorial, annual (dollars unless otherwise noted cansim (database).".While, canadas ten provinces and three territories exhibit high GDPs, there is wide variation among them.Canada1 1,769,921 1,822,808 1,897,531 1,983,117 1,986,193, newfoundland and Labrador 33,539 32,032 34,462 34,022 30,100, prince Edward Island 5,424 5,573 5,752 5,955 6,186, nova Scotia 37,652 37,835 38,614 39,271 40,225, new Brunswick 31,500 31,723 31,809 32,112 33,052, quebec 344,735 354,040 364,531 371,311 380,972, ontario 659,743 680,084.Canadas economic growth has been a result of its political stability and economic reforms following the global financial crisis.The economies of the Provinces.
Alberta, Saskatchewan, and, newfoundland rely heavily on natural resources and these produce the highest per-capita GDP values corel draw 12 for win 7 in the country.
"cansim Gross domestic product, expenditure-based, provincial and territorial".
Province or Territory GDP (million CAD, 2015) Population (2015) GDP per capita (CAD, 2015) Market Income per capita (CAD, 2015) Canada,986,832,380 British Columbia,694,177,517 Saskatchewan,131,581 Manitoba,295,789,254,195 New Brunswick,815 Prince Edward Island,480 Nova Scotia,833 Newfoundland and Labrador,511 Northwest Territories,658 Source: Statistics Canada : GDP (totals 4 Population.
In 2016, the gross domestic product in Canada was around.53 trillion.S.
The following factors explain a large part of the gap: - capital depreciation (particularly large in regions with significant resource-extraction sectors - taxes less subsidies on production (e.g.
"cansim Characteristics of individuals, taxfilers and dependents with income by source of income".
In addition, the country ranks number eight on the.Related tables: Gross domestic product, Income and expenditure accounts.All key factors point to a stable and sustainable economy.Canada is considered to be one of the worlds wealthiest countries.Today, the unemployment rate in Canada is estimated to be around.8 percent, pvr iptv simple client zip and it is estimated to decrease further.Gross domestic product, expenditure-based millions, final consumption expenditure 1,405,369 1,455,081 1,515,690 1,561,468 1,611,966, household final consumption expenditure 995,046 1,034,804 1,083,548 1,115,965 1,153,523, goods 440,700 456,369 477,927 485,888 504,652, durable goods 121,511 126,965 133,921 139,950 148,723, semi-durable goods 71,584 73,695 76,512 79,392 82,507, non-durable goods 247,605.Not only is Canadas population increasing, but the economy has been slowly recovering after the global financial crisis in 2008.