guinness world record book 2015

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Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.Record breaking isnt an activity reserved for Olympians.Longest comment thread The longest comment thread we know of is Katrina Passick Lumsden's review of Fifty Shades of Grey (5598 comments).Wednesday 10 September 2014.08 BST.Linsey LindbergRyan Schude/Guinness World Records, record Holder: Linsey Lindberg of Los Angeles, California.The Numbers: In 60 seconds, Lindberg can crush 8 apples with her bicep.
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But MJ's review of John Cage's Silence has zero words for a good reason.
And I think, the Hunger Games is top here too (148,888 reviews).
Record Holder: Broc Brown of Chelsea, Michigan, the Numbers: Brown is 7 feet,.5 inches tall, making him the tallest boy under the age.
Greatest number of reviews posted, car race games for windows 7 64 bit this page.Tallest Living Male Teenager, broc BrownKevin Scott Ramos/Guinness World Records.Most polarizing book Standard deviation of the rating is a reasonable measure of how polarizing a book is: if the book got an equal number of 1s and 5s, and nothing else, the standard deviation would.0.The highest value found so far.68, for The Bad War: The Truth never ms office 2000 full version Taught About World War II, over 110 ratings.The franchise recently celebrated its 60th anniversary and released the newest edition of its popular records book.Book with most reviews.