install snow leopard using firewire target disk mode

Keep the key down until you see the icon floating around the screen.
Copy/migrate across any files etc from your backup.More specifically: Borrow your friend's MacBook Pro and ensure it and your iMac are shiva trilogy pdf in english both switched off.Quick note: Personally I find it easier to create and use a Lion install USB drive or even a home-made Lion installation DVD, if you have access to a USB key or DVD burner those would be my recommended methods.If that works, theres a problem with the system install on the hard drive.Put machine A in target mode by holding the T key.This tip was sent in by Randy, so burnaware pro serial number a huge thanks to him for the tip and accompanying screenshots.
Proceeding with this will reformat your hard drive - so proceed carefully and ensure you have a current backup!
As an aside, if you don't have access to a FireWire cable, or your friend doesn't want to lend you their MBP, you could try Kent's suggestion in the comments.
All Macs must have FireWire and/or ThunderBolt and support Target Disk Mode, as well as the accompany cable to directly connect two Macs: Mac Oion downloaded from the Mac App Store on one of the Macs.Tell machine B to go into the startup manager. .Confirm that you meet all the requirements, and then lets begin partitioning a hard drive so it can serve as a Lion installer for other local Macs.It is this update that is preventing you to boot from your Snow Leopard discs because the firmware update itself requires as a minimum Snow Leopard (10.6.3).PowerPC Macs can only boot Mac OS X off Firewire or internal drives. .Thanks again to Randy for the great tip!App inside your /Applications folder, right click and select Show Package Contents.Disconnect the FireWire cable from the two Macs.Well, the key issue here is that your iMac is one of the quad core models.