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Heres an aerial view of the Olympic Park which does, indeed, look quite abandoned: The Olympic Park one year after the Olympics (Photo: Getty).The situation gets worse, too: Deodoro Olympic Park, long hailed by Brazilian politicians and Olympic proponents as a path to upgrade one of Rios poorer neighborhoods, is shuttered.Months before they even started, the Rio Olympics seemed doomed by corruption, scandals, poop, crime, and freaking Zika.The interior of the mostly abandoned Aquatics Stadium (Photo: Getty).It now looks like the strategy made things worse, as the number of deaths during police raids has doubled in the past four years.
Thats just scratching the surface of Brazils post-Olympic woes.
And once they did start, everything seemed to go wrong, including the athletes village being deemed uninhabitable and the suspension of the diving competition due to the pool spontaneously turning into a green pit of sludge.
The abandoned Aquatics Stadium in the Olympic Park (Photo: Getty).
Reports from Rio are flowing in as we mark the one year anniversary of the Olympics, and boy are they bleak.Some daft optimists thought that maybe, just maybe, if we just believed in Brazil, the politicians would pull through on their promises that the games would lift the city up to a new level of prosperity.While both Ars Technica and, the Verge were able to confirm a key new punjabi song Verizon Wireless bitdefender 8 serial key seemed to be capping Netflix speeds at somewhere between 5Mbps and 10Mbps, the apparent throttling would not necessarily affect most users.A couple weeks ago, Brazils government deployed 8,500 troops in the city to fight increasingly violent organized crime gangs.The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro were doomed from the start.A child climbs through the Mangueira favela located less than a mile from the iconic MaracanĂ£ stadium.We all saw this coming.Local residents of the favelas say theyve heard shootouts every single day of 2017.Rios new mayor, Marcelo Crivella, has scrapped plans to turn the handball arena into four public schools.Trash litters the area around the abandoned Aquatics Stadium (Photo: Getty).While its hard to identify one specific reason for Rios failure to follow through on the commitments made leading up to the games, its easy to blame the politicians.Would you like to be notified in advance when we release new information or tools for Jurassic World the Game?