mitsubishi lancer evolution x fq-440 mr special edition

The QG5 Lancer Evolution X FQ-440 MR will be priced at 50,000 British Pounds (82,000 US) and will likely be pushed much higher because of the demand for this special EVO.
Interestingly, Mitsubishi says it has also added a data recorder connected through the On-board diagnostic (OBD) system, which keeps details such as driving style, performance, vehicle diagnostics, and present location that " will be available to both CCC and the registered owner of the vehicle.This is the brand new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X created to mark 40 years in the.Keyless Operation System (KOS) with push button start.Only 40 examples will be built so this performance car will be ultra-exclusive.It polarized British enthusiasts, and once Mitsubishi caught the nasty end of Yen/Sterling exchange rates in 2011, it pulled the Evo X from UK dealerships.This service comes with a three year subscription and is included in the vehicle price.For Brits, it's return of a legend after a three-year absence, and considering it will likely be the last Evo for a while, an opportunity to end its 22-year-long affair with the rally-derived legend on a positive note.The interior get a makeover too with leather Recaros, Fosgate Audio, leather steering wheel, SatNav, Bluetooth, Climate and Cruise.Special treatments inside and out, the exterior will get special treatments to set this special edition EVO X apart.
Alcon rear caliper with floating disc and bell assembly.
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo GSR).
Advertisement - Continue Reading Below, really, Great Britain has been a home away from Higashi for Mitsubishi's turbocharged sedan since it first debuted in October 1992.Mitsubishi says the exclusive model will come with a Bespoke engine ECU re-map producing a massive 440 bhp at 6,800 rpm and 412.It also coincided with the WRC's heyday and native son Colin McRae's rise to celebrity prominence.Lancer Evolution X, fQ-440 MR will be available in only 40 examples for the.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.The mighty FQ four-pot manages to produce such outrageous numbers thanks to a remapped ECU, tubular Janspeed exhaust manifold, bigger HKS turbo and Janspeed intake and intercooler piping kit.Another cool feature on this EVO will be the data recorder which is connected through the On-board diagnostic (OBD) system.But the weakening Yen and Mitsubishis 40th anniversary sees Mitsubishi UK backtracking and delivering a limited run of special edition Evos for the UK the Lancer Evolution X FQ-440.Gets 440bhp and costs 50k.If you wish to discuss anything with us, please contact our.