new dcr rules mumbai 2012 pdf

AND permitted AT midlanding level only AND NOT ON habitable floors.
FOR subdivision OR layout(plotted development) OF 4000 SQ:M above.
REG 26- electric SUB station.REG 9 -speaks about development OF lands which ARE reserved FOR certain purposes IN THE development plan.Other requirement OF buildings FOR CFO travel distance: residential, educational AND hazardous occupancies IT.5.However AS PER recent supreme court judgement THE RG required under REG 23 HAS TO BE provided entirely ON ground.Provided THE travel distance does NOT exceed AS PER rule above AND THE floor area ON ANY floor does NOT exceeds 500.20 built UP area OF THE zonal FSI shall BE provided IN THE form OF tenements OF size varying from 30 TO 50 SQ:M.
The new amendments will put a check to these practices.
Preamble THE present development control regulations have come into force from 25TH march 1991.
Development Control Regulations, Mumbai - Key points.
Mr Chavan said Fungible FSI will be available at 60 per cent, 80 per cent and 100 per cent of the ready reckoner rates for residential, industrial and commercial premises respectively.The 35 extra FSI will be on the built-up area of the existing flat.REG 33- additional FSI.Earlier, these areas were not counted in the FSI.IN suburbs TDR potential IS permissible with total CAP.0.REG 3 TO 8 documents procedure FOR submission OF proposal, obtaining development permissions AND procedure TO BE adopted during construction.Please enter your email.FOR bldgs having height more than 70 M : then atleast TWO side acessible from road side shall havlear open space OF 9M AT ground level IN casodium IS proposed ITS extent TO BE restricted.0M from building line ON 2 sides AND also.Front open spaces from public road(criteria 1) front setback from roads ( FOR residential ( R ) / commercial (C)bldgs) FOR highway OR road more :.5 M FOR both (R ) AND (C ) than 52M THE setback FOR road wider than 21M FOR.Stilt : minimum 15 CM above ground level.Plinth area OF club house NOT more than 10 OF THE total RG area AND total built UP area NOT more than 15 OF total RG IN ONE place SUB station/UG tank/pump houses permitted ON RG area more than 400.Let us first understand the concept of DCR.IN NON residential bldg only where entire parking IS proposed BY mechanical/ automatic means additional 10 OF THE required parking shall BE permitted free plants vs zombies hacked game OF FSI.