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In his new, obsessively documented mission to gather (and probably, in some way, monetize) the authenticity of Common People, Facebooks putty-faced CEO is doing exactly what common people do: showing up to places uninvited, dungeon defenders map editor unannounced, and demanding absolute secrecy from strangers.
From the, journal : The secrecy surrounding.Read more Read, this list from the data-driven folks.Zuckerbergs team has vehemently denied that this transcontinental road show hints at a future presidential run, despite sharing all the hallmarks and even some of the operatives of a political candidates early ground game.But its not like Zuck is getting back it asset manager salary range to his bootstrapping roots either: Even before he was fantastically wealthy and powerful, he had a comfortable upbringing as the son of two doctors growing up in White Plains, New York.There are a few you might not expect, however.
They said to refer people to their press guys.
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Zuckerbergs visits has nearly led to his target audience blowing him off.Cupid Shuffle - Cupid, yMCA - Village People, electric Boogie (Electric Slide) - Marcia Griffiths.Adam Kragthorpe, who runs a local youth hockey program in Minnetonka, Minn., deleted the initial email from James Eby requesting a meeting for a Fortune 500 CEO who is traveling the United States and visiting a wide range of communities.Between picking a venue, finding a caterer and making sure invitations get sent out, planning.Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex, dancing Queen - abba, dont Stop Believin - Journey.Realistically though, thats not the point.Authenticity in the way Mark is trying to achieve it is laughable.