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I have spent two thirds of my entire life wishing that this series would never end, but at the same time, dying to read its conclusion.
Koo Czasu obraca si, nieuchronnie nadciga koniec Wieku.This was a glorious climax to a glorious series.It was hard to see characters that I have grown up with dying by the handfuls, king of fighter games 2000 but the things that they did, and the feats that they accomplished were such a fitting end to them.He focused on the characters instead, and that more than fills in his lack of experience with arraying armies and the like.Everyone was the hero, even nameless, faceless farmers who took up weapons to fight.He didn't focus on the tactics as Jordan likely would have.Much to my surprise and childlike glee, my name was drawn the very day that I entered.There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning.
It was the payoff for all of our faithful reading and waiting.
Wheel of Time (Volume 15 robert Jordan, completed by Brandon Sanderson.
Na Polu Merrilora gromadz si wadcy narodów, aby zdecydowa o swoim poparciu dla planów Smoka Odrodzonego.
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By Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.
To wida i czu.An organisation with a memory - aagbi memory.Brandon Sanderson grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska.Dorabia pisaniem kolejnych ksiek o przygodach Conana, postaci stworzonej przez Roberta.The day when "The Wheel of Time" came to an end.Wszak po przedwczesnej mierci Jordana kolosalnym zadaniem dokoczenia cyklu zaj si Brandon Sanderson dzisiaj doskonale znany wszystkim sympatykom fantasy pisarz.In the end, triumph over the Shadow can only be bought at the price of hundreds of thousands of brave, heroic lives.Blocks shaded light gray have had their physical memory reclaimed.