steam while playing a game

Nvidia GeForce Experience, if you have recent nvidia graphics hardware that supports ShadowPlay, you can also enable an in-game FPS counter via nvidia GeForce Experience.
Many games have built-in consoles where you can type commands.
In Steam (while no games are running just head to Steam Settings In-Game and then pick a position for the FPS display from the In-game FPS counter dropdown.But most importantly, Steams game backup feature wont backup your local save games.Added ability to limit what time of day Steam is allowed to automatically update apps.It always appears on top of the game itself, but its fairly small and unobtrusive.Some games may require you enable a hidden option buried in some sort of configuration file.There may be a Show FPS option on the games video or graphics settings screen.You can then press F12or whatever hotkey you set upto show and hide the FPS counter.If its too low, your gameplay suffers.One of my biggest gripes about Steam has always been that it will not allow users to download games while they are playing other games, but today Valve has changed that.Crtl clicking on each.Simply log into your Steam account, then open the backup folder and run the steambackup.
From here, you can add as many folders for game installations as youd like.
Its easier than ever to display a PC games FPS.
Backing up your games themselves protects against lifes Oh crap!
Batch install or uninstall games, good news for folks migrating to a new PC or simply looking to clear out a lot of space in a short amount of time: Steam can install or delete quickbooks pdf converter for windows 8 games in bulk.
If you run into trouble, check out Steams backup FAQ.
Optimize your Steam library, add non-Steam games to your library.Fix infinite loop of Cloud sync error dialogs on game launch.Some games may have this option hidden away behind a keyboard shortcut.In the Settings overlay, click the Overlays button.A full list of the new features and fixes that this latest update brings is listed below.Use the settings on the right side of the FPS tab to change the hotkey, specify a different screen corner, or hide the overlay.In the Overlays window, select the FPS Counter tab and then click one of the four quadrants to pick where you want your FPS counter.(The games you choose will appear highlighted.) When youre done, simply right-click on one of the games and select the.Look at the corner of the screen you chose while playing a game and youll see the FPS counter.Fortunately, Valve lets you add non-Steam games to the Steam client.Exe file (which you can grab here if youve lost it).Steam can handle your game backups, too.However, like that post says, be careful because they can still see your real status if they go to your profile, whether they're logged in or not.