template for powerpoint 2010

A proper template is the easiest way to create a consistent design scheme for your presentations.
The background colour should be a different colour to your main body slides, to get your audiences attention when the presentation starts.
PowerPoint uses RGB colours; these can be taken from your company branding colours, or you powerpoint 2007 template business can create your own.
And be warned: if the image you are using is large, you could end up with a huge file size for your presentation.Since PowerPoint 2010 now supports text over video, you can easily add your own content right over the video we have included.Set your main body slide background.To access the slide master, select View Slide Master.A key feature of these new templates is the included video background.This gives you lots of options for your contrasting colours.Set your main body slide design features from Master view.At m62, we delete nearly all of them, as we believe that como activar keygen autocad 2010 they can hinder creativity and encourage the misuse of PowerPoint.Anything you do on this slide is replicated on all of the slides underneath.You can edit the design, and add placeholders via Insert Placeholder for objects usb security for windows 7 such as images and charts.
Make sure you compress your pictures first!
To add a picture to the background, use the same process from the same menu, where you can select picture or textured fill.
Change the background colour of your slide by right clicking on the thumbnail of the slide and then selecting Format Background.
Adding a footer or date to every slide).One great feature of PowerPoint 2007/2010 is that if you select a colour from normal view, the menu automatically gives you different gradients of each of your chosen colours.Template files are.potx (or.pot for PowerPoint 2003) format.Within the Format Background menu of a layout slide, you can toggle off normal background graphics to get rid of the title bar and other additional features, if you dont want them displayed on that slide.We strongly recommend using the same font throughout all text in your presentation for unity.A well-designed template can make PowerPoint production much faster, and really helps portray a professional image of the presenter.The first slide below the master slide should be the title slide.When youre in the master area, PowerPoint provides you with default automated template options.This will keep your presentation flowing smoothly.This post was originally written on the m62 blog here.You can download the Social Network Connection template here.