titanfall game for pc

Very early on you become the pilot of a titan named BT and as you play through the story you slowly create a bond with this machine that quickly feels like a living breathing creature.
There hasn't been a fast paced high mobility FPS on the mainstream market for years and years, and I forgot how much I missed high mobility shooters in general.
The game really looks bad, its ugly throughout and isnt helped by the constant dull grey color pallet I thought we got past in 2010, clearly not.
The campaign has you switching back and forth between being on foot and being in your titan, And both are so fun and feel so great, but theres far more focus on being a grounded foot soldier than a titan pilot in this campaign.Thankfully this wasnt too annoying and is the only bug I ran into.Though I did personally enjoy titan vs titan the most, as I feel it comes closest to being anything but mindless.Just take much more patience than the first person shooter, platforming sections of the game.Im not one to usually talk about graphics, but the textures in this game are noticeably awful.Titanfall is a seriously nice change of pace from your run of the millIt's been a lot of years since I've enjoyed a shooter quite this much.
Every mech or pilot for themselves.
I also ran into a game breaking bug in one of the final missions where a team mate fell through the map, and wouldnt come back even after reloading the checkpoint, causing me to have to restart the chapter from the very beginning to proceed.
All in all Titanfall 2 is still a fun game, but the overall package is just average.
And while multiplayer returns, this is my first time experiencing it, and honestly I wasnt all too blown away.
When you're in a titan it feels like you're piloting a mech, and when you're on the ground you feel like a badass ninja super-pilot.
Its either get kills and bank.Gameplay is definitely king, but its 2016 and while Titanfall 2 is fun enough to be ultimately forgiven its nowhere near ambitious enough to look or run the way it does.The game isnt pushing the limits on anything to warrant anything but seamless transitions.I had fun, but running around and getting kills to call in my titan around some basic and ugly grey maps wasnt all too exciting.It hardly lives up to the standard of FPS graphics of 5 years ago let alone today.Wall running and shooting through enemies is a blast, and there are so many cool moments in the campaign that are genuine surprises, and really cool twists the gameplay, there is a decent mix of intrigue, first person shooter, and platforming elements here Mech fighting.Now onto the bad.I give titanfall 2.5/10, expand.But none that ever feel unfair.The banter between you as the pilot and your titan during dialog choices was a highlight for me and had me cracking up as hes trying to understand human emotion, or comprehend expressions taking them literally.In any other shooter the things you can do would be considered broken, but not here.There are really no game modes here to make you think outside engineering ebooks for eee of the box and strategize like any great multiplayer would.Titanfall 2, feeling a bit dated, titanfall 2 is the debut of this series to PlayStation and with this debut comes with an added 6 hourTitanfall 2, feeling a bit dated, titanfall 2 is the debut of this series to PlayStation and with this debut.The star of the show here is hands down the single player and the greatly realized bond between man and titan.