top gear series 17 episode 3

Richard shows us a beautiful 23 year old Bentley Turbo R which he found advertised for 6,995.
Richards BMW had 296bhp when it was brand new it now has 269bhp.All we know is hes called the Stig.The Mercedes had traces of white powder (cocaine suggested) and herbal material that had been cut of chopped.Jeremy and Richard find second hand car bargains for the price of a new Nissan Pixo.After getting lost briefly, some friendly dune buggy drivers guide him in the right direction and he is soon on his way.So what else could you buy for the same money?
Jeremy then shows us an epically long 1 metre long bird poo running down the back of his Range Rover.
On the way, James gives us his verdict on the Evoque Things I like I think it looks excellent.
Episode 3 Trailer - Top Gear Series 24 - Top Gear - BBC 5:32, ford GT Walkaround - Top Gear 3:6, volkswagen Up GTI Walkaround - Top Gear - BBC 1:18, performance Car Of The Year 2017 Trailer - Top Gear 5:46, the Ford.
In every way scientific way then, the MP4 is better than a 458 but Jeremy feels that there is something missing it has no zing.To see why Richards car lost so badly they each strap their car to a dyno testing machine to measure the actual bhp of each car.After the race, Jeremy and Richard both pull over and discuss the race on their in-car phones.He back tracks and finds a route around the mountains doing 70mph across the desert, before reaching some giant sand dunes.Says Jeremy as he goes for a drive.Sebastian goes for a lap in the Suzuki Liana and posts a new best time for the F1 drivers board 1:44.00.The Evoque also has 5 cameras mounted on the exterior of the car, to help you see obstacles, such as large rocks, and avoid them.Its a complete no brainer.Presenter, jeremy Clarkson, presenter, richard Hammond, presenter, james May, executive Producer, andy Wilman, participant.The downside however, is the Bentley may prove to be unreliable, and you will be stung later in high servicing and repair costs.Along with the comfortable ride, Jeremy praises the simple elegance of the interior.Episode Guide, the episode begins with Jeremy looking at the all new, all British McLaren MP4-12C, out on the Top Gear Test Track.