twisted insane pick your poison

That I'll make it to vistabootpro para windows 7 Mars before nasanow shut the fuck up and give me a pain pill.
You feel like superman when your drinkin' from my elixir.Hit em all up behind my heat.The hits on me and since I'm in the rotation I betcha.Fully loaded clips when I'm off a trip.And I'm right about to leap.Shrooms, extacy, alcohol, emilien, heroin, Overdose-in, crystal-meth, pick your poisonHuh, now a nigga like.And I want more slippin in-to my pores.Put a motherfucker in a oven with the stake sauce.Pick Your Poison Lyrics, intro, in this country you got to make the money first.And I don't really care about how sober you are when you walkin' because you are gonna leave lit!Feelin' like I was trippin cuz I couldn't feel my feet.
I'm running up on the deep.
And I want more seepin into my pores.
Whateva just make sure I'm loaded.
Overdosin crystal-meth, pick your poison, verse 2: Charles Xavier, huh, now a nigga like.
But there ain't nobody stoppin' this venom I will deliver.Phone or email, password, show pvr iptv simple client zip more,3:01.I got the toys and they go through niggas.My niggas lookin at me like dawg you gonna have.And then I'm right about ta leap.Then I'mma have another fit, and get to talkin to my seatbelt.YouTube4:41 1:39:54,3:55 1:23:54,4:35,3:59, show more 59video, add to album 12video, add to album.Got me sicker than a horse.Shrooms, extacy, alcohol, emilien, heroin, Overdose-in, crystal-meth, pick your poisonIf I take another hit.You don't really wanna see the shit I'll show you niggas.I ain't fuckin with the powder see I'd rather really pop a pill.