usb data link 2.0

USB.0 File Transfer Cable, PC / Mac.
Easy way to transfer files from Windows XP versions to Windows Vista.
Technicians: Diagnose computer issues and transfer new patches, drivers, and other files needed for repair from one computer to another through the USB serial number crack keygen to USB connection.
Read more in the testing of this product.The software (program) is in the cable, not on.USB.0 link Cable Software, two independent hosts laptop or work station PC using the USB to USB Direct / NetLink and Cable can exchange data or information through this proprietary software package as easy as one simple drag drop operation between the two-computer systems.Compliant with USB.0 specifications.Connect two PCs together via a simple USB cable.Data transfer rate: 16 MB/sec (Megabyte-per-second).Simply connect the Targus USB data transfer cable to both notebooks and transfer files and settings from one notebook to another with ease.For all popular Windows versions - ME, 2000, XP, vista and Windows 7 Use "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer" to transfer files between PCs Drag and drop files and folders Backup your data to another PC Easy to install - Connect cable to USB connectors.
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There is a BIG difference between brands, all are for USB.0 but Only Our Unit uses OTi Chip Inside.
No external power and low power consumption.
BusLink, PC-Linq, Magic, ThunderBirdS, NetLink, PC-Link, SuperLink, TurboLink, Data-Link, USB Bridge Cable, USB Data Bridge Cable, USB Link System, USB Direct-Linq or others.Compatible with USB.0 High speed and full speed.PC-to-PC and PC-to-MAC compatibility.Using cutting edge high speed SMT tooling and plastic injection machines, PPA is able to offer its clientelé quality, time-tested products using the latest in innovation and design technology.Connect Windows 2000 to XP or XP to XP machines without driver install.Founded in 1994, PPA International, Inc.Simply plug the data transfer cable into each USB computer, and start transferring your files (program data files, photos, music, videos emails, and settings from your old system to your new.Driver CD for Windows.